Join us for the #KBSNature Challenge!

Originally posted March 25, 2020, by W.K. Kellogg Biological Station, view here.

Can we use technology to help us explore nature and connect with others to share our curiosity? Let’s find out!

Though we’ve had to cancel KBS public events this spring to help reduce the impact of COVID-19, we hope to reschedule many of them. We can’t wait to see you all in person again.

But right now, many of us are looking for resources to help our kids—and maybe ourselves!—engage with the natural world.

Many wonderful, free resources have been shared online. Let us add to that list with activities that include a personal and place-based connection! It’s spring here in Michigan, and things are changing outdoors every day. Birds are returning, plants are pushing up through the soil and it’s healthy for us to get outside—let’s celebrate and connect with each other!

Join us for a nature challenge

Join us for the KBS 2020 Nature Challenge on Facebook, Twitter or Flipgrid. We’ll post a weekly nature challenge–a simple question or observation that can be done in your backyard. In order to play along, take photos or make a short video reply with #KBSnature to share what you have discovered through a post on Facebook, Twitter or Flipgrid. Interact by watching other peoples’ content and commenting. 

How to participate

  1. Facebook: Follow Kellogg Biological Station, search #KBSnature to find the Nature Challenge posts and add your videos and comments.
  2. Twitter: Follow @KaraHaaSciEd and add #KBSnature to your post.  Videos can be up to 2 minutes 20 seconds long.  
  3. Flipgrid: Flipgrid is a free tool and you can choose whether to create an account or participate as a guest.  Downloading the app on your phone or tablet is the easiest way to create and add content.  Teachers, if you already use Flipgrid with your students you are welcome to copy this idea and make your own grid/topics, please just send an email so I can follow up with you. Links to Grid and Topics below.

Regardless of which social media platform works best for you, we hope you enjoy this challenge to get outside and share your observations with others!


Challenge #1: Intro to Your Backyard

Challenge #2: Things in Motion

Challenge #3: Poetry Outside

Challenge #4: Signs of Spring

Challenge #5: Find the Rainbow

Challenge #6: Tour a Tree

Challenge #7: Where is the Water?

New challenges will be posted weekly!

Codes for FlipGrid, linked below:

Full K-12 Partnership Grid

Flip code for #1_Intro to Your Backyard

Flip code for #2_Things in Motion

Flip code for #3_Poetry Outside

Flip code for #4_Signs of Spring

Flip code for #5_Find the Rainbow

Flip code for #6_Tour a Tree

Flip code for #6_Where is the Water?

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